Red Renaissance Dress

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“Once Upon a Time in the country side of an Island a young woman and her lover went to visit his parents for the first time. The days were full of long walks through the gardens, beautiful and delicious food fresh from the land and constant love making on the soft grass covered with flowers. On a specific day they decided to brighten their holiday even more with some yellow sunshine, strawberry fields, Lucy in the sky with diamonds.. Or better known under the name LSD.

After a magical day spent with their friends walking through the fields with cows and having meaningful conversations, a big family dinner was planned to celebrate the homecoming of the young man. Unaware of this event happening, the woman was still tripping quite hard and reality seemed very far away to her. It was until she was placed at a table with more than 20 people that she realised that she was meeting her family in law, while being in a completely different dimension. She tried to remain calm and ignore all the figures dancing around the room, that made her head spin, which she wasn’t sure if they were real or imaginary. The food looked like pure poison with its bright colours so she turned to the golden looking wine that was passed around. Stirring her food without much appetite she somehow managed to survive the whole thing, alas the relationship didn’t.”

The Nr. 1 garment in our Collection must be this show stopper! This incredible red dress is our absolute favorite.

Worn here with size XS but will fit best with size S.

This is a very heavy dress with multiple layers on the skirt and will therefore be more expensive with shipping. We have set no International Shipping option yet so please contact us if you want to buy this piece and live in a different country than The Netherlands.